Fire Mitigation

The purpose of our extensive forest fire and wildfire mitigation services is to minimize the effects a wildfire could have on our residential, commercial, or farm property. We focus on methods to form a defensible space around your property to reduce the intensity of a wildfire and slow its spread.

Services include:

Thinning tree canopies - Reduces the fire that may jump from treetop to tree top, well above the reach of fire fighters. Referred to as mitigating top fuels.

Removing lower tree branches – Removing smaller trees or lower branches of taller trees helps prevent fire from spreading from the ground level to the tree canopy. Referred to as mitigating ladder fuels.

Tree ground cover – There are larger collection of tree branched, dead branches, dead trees, pine needles or leaves near the property. We will advise you on removing and mitigating these fire ground fuel sources.

Our crew provides safe & prompt professional arborist services.

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